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Viktoria Koprivenski

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How to stay cool on a hot summer day? We have got you covered! 
We listened to you in order to understand your needs and to give you products that will easily become your favorite summer essentials – our newest collection is just around the corner!
Our inspiration leads us to creating timeless and effortless pieces. We are carefully choosing the best patterns, materials with the highest quality, the prettiest colors and the most interesting shapes. 
This collection includes more pastel and sand colors that create a feeling of calm and piece. 
Of course, we haven't forgotten our favorite BLACK, which has its major place in our work.
The stars here are cotton and linen fabrics and there is a reason for that. It goes without saying that natural fibers are better than synthetics. They come from nature. 
LINEN: It's lightweight and the weave and thickness of the material help to ensure you keep cool. It's breathable as a natural fiber and it allows air to circulate and heat and moist air to escape. It has the highest heat reflection properties compared to other shirting materials!
COTTON is also one of the best fabrics for summer and hot weather. It's also a great alternative for people who have allergies to certain fabrics. It is also a very breathable fabric and is very soft.
Stay tuned and be one of the first who will discover our handmade beauties!

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