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White Printed T-shirt

White Printed T-shirt

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Casual Printed Tee - METPro0014

With the current situation robbing us of our rights, emotions and sadly people we care about greatly, it should not come as a surprise that a lot of people are struggling to get through the day and keep their sanity. We feel you, we understand that and we are here for you!

Negativity, stress and chaos are not the answers. What we all need to do now is gather our strength, remember our worth, be disciplined and most importantly believe life will get back to normal.
We really do believe that and we have chosen to be positive, to smile, to laugh and enjoy what we love most - to create.

With this printed t-shirt we want to support each and every one of you, to calm you down and to remind you that the struggles we are facing are soon going to disappear and you will have your life back.

DO NOT GIVE UP! JUST BREATHE! You are strong, you are a fighter, you are so much more than you may think and together we are a vital force which will get through anything and not just that - the future holds only good things for those who really believe that!

This t-shirt is made of cotton.

NOTE! When choosing the size you need to consider your bust measurements!

The model is wearing size S.