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Asymmetric Sleeveless Jacket

Asymmetric Sleeveless Jacket

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Extravagant Long Tunic Top - METT0137

Don't dream about the future - live it!
People often make the mistake of thinking they are too old, too out of shape, too anything to look good and we want to crush this understanding and change the way one sees themselves.
Extravagant silhouette which creates a memorable appearance and different accents are what make this piece stand out.
There are the large collar which hangs on the front, strong asymmetry with a sharp ending and a single pocket on the front part.
The tunic itself closes with buttons on the shoulder.

The material used for the piece is polyester and protects against wind. It is also impermeable.

NOTE! The product has a straight silhouette. The circumference of the bust and waist is the most important to determine the size.

The model is wearing size S.