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Extravagant Black and White Backpack

Extravagant Black and White Backpack

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Black and White Oversize Bag - METB0022

This is not an ordinary bag, this is a white sensation!
You get three pieces in just one bag - a shoulder bag, a handbag and a backpack! This piece is not only absolutely functional and beautiful, but it is also very easy to wear and style.
It makes a great everyday bag that will hold whatever you need. You can wear it to both work and school and feel trendy and modern every time you put it on.
This white purse is closed with a zipper and has an extra back pocket.

The measurements of the bag are the following: in its longest part it is about 60 cm / or 23.5 inches long, at its narrowest part it is about 18 cm / 7 inches wide and at its widest part it is about 36 cm / 14 inches wide.

This maxi bag is made of genuine leather. The paints used for this creation are nature friendly!