Extravagant Leather Belt Bag

Extravagant Leather Belt Bag

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Genuine Leather Bag with Belt - METB0009

Have you ever seen something like this creation? We bet you haven't!
This piece is so unique than it is hard to find where to start - the most extraordinary element into making the bag is the leather - it comes from animals that have been bio bred and this allows all the high quality features to contain in the leather.

The other uniqueness about the leather is that it has been lightly processed in order to keep its originality. The bag is made of separate leather pieces put together and all the "imperfections" are turned into effects! We have used nature friendly paints to color it and everything about this bag is HANDMADE! 

Another extraordinary element here is that every singly bag is indeed a unique one! This is thanks to the fact that every single piece, used for making this model, is different. So in the end you result with something absolutely personal!

The bag has few accents - on one hand there is a beautiful front leather piece, on the other hand there is a belt, turned into a strap that can be left handing or put together for an even more extravagant look! And also the bag had a removable longer strap so it is up to you to decide how you are going to carry it - as a handbag or as a shoulder or cross body bag.

This piece is made of 100% genuine leather. It has a smaller inner pocket.

The bag has the following measurements: 55x42 cm or 22x16 inches.