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Rainbow Pride Shirt

Rainbow Pride Shirt

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Equality Casual T-shirt

Everybody has the right to wear what they want and love whom they want and that's the beauty of our world!

This is not just a T-shirt, but a way for us as a brand and real people behind it to show our respect and support to all "different"! We sincerely believe in the good and hope to make our customers happy with the clothes we produce with love for them, because we know that things are not always the way we want them, so we always strive to provide positive emotions.

Everybody is free to follow their own path and celebrate it all life, not just for a month!

Wear this tee anywhere you go and may the colors of the rainbow put a smile on your face!

The material for this t-shirt is a jersey one (95% Cotton / 5% Lycra).

The model is wearing size S.