Set of 3 Face Masks

Set of 3 Face Masks

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Set of 3 Face Covers

We are presenting our set of 3 face covers in the color beige, brown and dark brown.
The set contains of 3 face covers for your protection.
NOTE! When ordering 1 piece of the set, you will receive all 3 masks, not just 1!

Details about the masks:

Those are face covers which have a removable filter that is easy to change and can be used for up to 4 hours.
The masks are designed to provide protection and a basic physical barrier. They attache to the ears with an elastic band and fit well into most shapes and sizes. They cover the mouth and nose tightly, protecting you.

NOTE! This is NOT a medical device and is not a pharmacy network product!

The masks are two-layer ones, made of thick cotton fabric specially selected to be thicker, denser and more durable, but at the same time sufficiently permeable to allow inhaled air to flow through the fabric.
The masks come with one filter made of white polyethylene and polypropylene. The material is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, which guarantees that the product does not contain any substances harmful to human health. For maximum protection, always wear the masks with a filter.

Why we have chosen OEKO-TEX ?
When it comes to quality, they provide the highest one which is of essential importance for the masks, making it a trust worthy accessory not only for your outfit, but mostly for making a barrier for your protection.

Always wash before use! When washing, remove the filter part, located between the two layers of fabric. After washing and ironing, put on a new filter between the two layers.
The protective masks will last up to 40 laundry! Wash at 60 ° C.

CAUTION! Wearing a safety mask does not provide a 100% guarantee of protection.

-Machine or hand wash at temperatures up to 60 degrees
-High temperature ironing
-The filter is not to be washed and ironed
-Do not clean with bleach
-Can be dried in the dryer of a suitable cotton program
-Dry cleaning is not recommended

CAUTION! For safety reasons, the masks are not refundable or exchangeable except in the event of a defect!

Thank you for caring for your health and the health of others! Stay safe and be healthy!