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Long Cloth Face Mask

Long Cloth Face Mask

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Protection Face Mask

With this product you not only get a protection face mask, but a fashionable scarf accessory which is multi functional!
It can be worn with the mask being put on your face for safety or only as a scarf.
Experiment with your look in order to find the correct one for you. See all of our masks in our Face Mask section.

This bandana has a reusable face mask with removable filter. It comes in a set with one filter which can be used for up to 4 hours.
It is designed to provide protection and a basic physical barrier. It attaches to the ears with an elastic band and fits well into most shapes and sizes. There is a metal plate on the nose. It covers the mouth and nose tightly and has a pocket for the filter. The lower part falls freely as an oversize scarf. It is made of cotton jersey (95% cotton/ 5% elastane)

NOTE! This is not a medical device and is not a pharmacy network product!

The mask comes with one filter made of white polyethylene and polypropylene. The material is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, which guarantees that the product does not contain any substances harmful to human health. For maximum protection, always wear the mask with a filter.

Why we have chosen OEKO-TEX ?
When it comes to quality, they provide the highest one which is of essential importance for the masks, making it a trust worthy accessory not only for your outfit, but mostly for making a barrier for your protection.

Always wash before use! When washing, remove the filter part. After washing and ironing, put on a new filter between the two layers.

CAUTION! Wearing a safety mask does not provide a 100% guarantee of protection.

The mask comes with one filter. The filter is not to be washed and ironed!

NOTE! This item could be use as a protection mask and as an accessory. If used as an accessory, it can be used longer than 4 hours.

CAUTION! For safety reasons, the masks are not refundable or exchangeable except in the event of a defect!

Thank you for caring for your health and the health of others! Stay safe and be healthy!