The investment worth having


There are many reasons why you should buy handmade clothing. This year you can find the best one and use it in order to change your habits and be more concern about the planet and not only...


Sometimes the best, most unexpected results come from the power of two individuals brought together by the same idea! That's how we, Vesselina and Dinko, two friends who dared to step out of their comfort zone and poured their hearts into what they love most, created METAMORPHOZA! Two people making a dream come true everyday with the help of a trusted team!

We live and work in Bulgaria which is a small, wonderful country in Southeastern Europe, that gives us a lot of inspiration we put in our work. Together with a small team we love to call family, we stand behind Metamorphoza. 

Safe & fair labor standards

Handmade clothes are created with honor and respect. They spreads joy to those who receive them and to those who make them. Mass production can often makes farmers and factory workers to work for below minimum wage pay and unsafe working conditions.

As a small brand, we consider our team as a family. We strive to make sure each individual from our team is working in a safe, friendly environment and that all of their needs are met during the working process. We care about the people who make clothes as much as we care about the people who wear them. We follow safe & fair labor standards.

Makes You Part Of A Story

It is the best gift to give because each product is made uniquely, and it can be made according to the future owner's wishes. Buying a handmade product has a direct effect on the artisan like supporting their family or help to keep traditional skills alive.