SEASON'S BEST: New Collection Spring Summer 2022

It is a NEW season at METAMORPHOZA! The new collection resonates like a Spring air. 

New silhouettes with sensual asymmetries and the twist of sheer and opaque textiles. The Spring Summer 2022 collection by METAMORPHOZA is referencing and researching reality.

 Each design captures strength and sensitivity. Each creation address the individual. A new balance of proportion is reached through cutting into pieces - retaining the believable character of each garment. 

The collection examines fundamental realities of dress, the needs and wants of people from their clothes. It is a focus on reality.

Choose the vibrancy of colors and the serenity of comfort. The crossing of bright, bold colors, the power of black and the elegance of nude. 

The creative process always start with developing a feeling for the material. The goal is to find some beauty in the functionality and the structure. 


The concept is informed by the independent attitude of the fearless person who sets his imagination free inspired by constantly changing surroundings. 

The collection’s storytelling is enriched by details and accessories that nod to the spirit of adventure. 

This collection is an invitation to each one to interpret a style with own sense of self and have a different outlook on what he feels he already knows. Freeing you from conventionalism, the different pieces can be mixed and matched so smoothly. 

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