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Payment Methods


PayPal is a secure payment method you can use to make a payment online. You only need your email address and password to make a payment. If for any reason the payment has been declined, an immediate message will be displayed on the PayPal payment page to indicate this. If there are any queries you may need to contact PayPal for further assistance

Credit Card

Using a credit card as a method of payment is very fast and safe as well. All you need to do is fill the needed requirements when ordering. If there is a problem, please check if you have the needed quantity for the payment. In any other problems, please contact your bank for further assistance.

We also offer you the facility to share your experience on our site through social sites such as facebook and twitter. By using these features, you are also consenting to allow cookies from these providers. More information about how these providers use cookies can be found at their websites.

Cash- on- delivery

It’s a risk-free payment method where you only pay upon receiving your goods. Metamorphoza shop provides you the option to pay Cash on Delivery across these countries:

Italy, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Cash on Delivery can be used as payment method only for orders shipped to the above destinations! We charge a fee for orders placed using Cash on Delivery- 2% of the order amount.

Please note that Cash on Delivery payment is available only with standard shipping option! We cannot offer Cash on Delivery payment if you need of express shipping.

Orders paid using Cash on Delivery will be billed in U.S. dollars but may only be paid in the local currency of the destination country at the current exchange rate.

Items shipped and paid for by Cash on Delivery can be replaced and may be eligible to be returned for a refund. All refunds in respect of items purchased using Cash on Delivery will be issued in U.S. dollars of the U.S. dollar amount on your order confirmation.

This is how it works:

1. Select the items that you want to order and add them in the cart.

2. Fill carefully your delivery information and be sure that there isn't missing or invalid information which will reflect on the delivery. 

3. On the next step select "Standard delivery" option.

4.After you select the standard delivery, choose "Cash on Delivery (COD)" on the payment step.

5. Complete your order. 

NOTE! When an order needs to be a custom one, this method is unavailable and we request 100% payment in our site!


Please note that our official currency is in US dollars and this is the currency you will see at checkout no matter what currency you are viewing  the prices in! NOTE! You only see the Total in US dollars but you are free to pay in any currency you prefer!