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Welcome to our shop!

Metamorphoza is a symbol of change, transformation, new identity!
It’s the source of life, It’s all around us and in us.


The team

The most important thing for us is to create a friendly work environment. Our team is passionate and creative. We work with talented people who use their skills to design the best you've ever had in fashion!



Our Work

We cannot accomplish all we need to without working together as a family. We work hard to develop the ideas of our designs, inspired by the power of free will. We believe in the transforming power of the imagination. What leads us every season is the passion to express ourselves through our designs. Our work is seamlessly part of our own wardrobe. That is why, every item in our shop is made with great attention to detail and represents our understanding of modern, comfortable and innovative design inspired by the free spirit of modern people. It is about style, not necessarily fashion. It is not just about looking good and contemporary but telling a story. The most important thing for us is to understand the needs of our individual clients. Each piece of our work has a reason to be created.



Our Collections

Through our collections, we want to make a statement by the successful and modern collaboration between innovation in the fashion industry and art. Our work involves shaping, adapting, and paying attention to the individuality of every piece of our designs. Each one of our designs carry a message.



Our Clients

Our experience has shown us that if we put our hearts into something, other people can always sense it and will definitely appreciate it. We believe people are colorful in their own unique way and all of them have dozens, hundreds of personalities and that is what drives us to create unique pieces for each one of our clients! We create collections of stories inspired by our customers.


Information about our company

METAMORPHOZA CREATIVE LTD. is the owner of the website and it's contents.The material included in the website is protected by copyright.

VAT: 204574311

address of the company: Sofia, Iliensko shose street 1, floor 3