5 HALLOWEEN OUTFIT IDEAS: Create your own costume

Don't spend money on costumes you'll never wear again. 
This year you can totally make your own costume investing money in pieces you can wear all year long.
1. Catwoman
It might sounds cheesy but for us is a classic and the good news is you can absolutely wear every single piece of this outfit! 
Catwoman’s all-black outfits in The Batman make for quick Halloween costume to easily put together. Just grab one of our leather pants, one of our black tops, a pair of our leather gloves and all you need to add is a cat ears mask and you are good to go! 
2. Greek Goddess
Need a no-fail Halloween costume? Buy yourself a gorgeous new dress than you can use for years later on various occasions.
Just scroll trough our DRESSES collection and we guarantee that you will find a few suitable for this costume. We will offer you a classic white or black dress to master this costume.
All you need in addition is an olive-branch crown with some leafy gold craft ribbon. 
3.  Bat
This cute little animal has been associated with Halloween for hundreds of years. You can easily achieve this look with an investment in a high quality hoody you can wear any time you need a little street vibe to your look.
The good news is we have a lot of them. Here are the two of our favorites! All you need in addition is to find some ears and voilà! 
4. Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams is the queen of Halloween and all you need to recreate her look are a few simple pieces.
The first thing will be our black dress. Then you juts need some black boots, white shirt and braided pigtails.
5. Morticia Addams
Well, we can't imagine Halloween without her! All you need is our gorgeous leather dress, some make up and you are done. 

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  • Shanon

    Great ideas 🖤 I’ll try Wednesday Adams, I have that dress!

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