Our passion to create walks hand in hand with significant responsibilities towards our customers, our team and our planet. This is why we have embraced sustainability as our mission, and we continue to integrate good practices into all aspects of our work. 

Safe & fair labor standards

We care about the people who make our clothes as much as we care about those who wear them. Therefore, we endeavor to provide every single member of our team with safe, fair, and friendly working conditions. How do we achieve this? 

  • Our team works within standard working hours with a few breaks during the day.
  • We maintain clean, ventilated, and cozy workspaces to ensure a comfortable environment.
  • We operate with modern and regularly serviced machines to guarantee safety.
  • We follow every requirement of the Bulgarian labor law, providing our team with all the social benefits, stated by the law.
  • We strongly condemn child exploitation and child labor.
  • Last but not least, treating each individual working in Metamorphoza as a family member, we strive to ensure a pleasant and friendly atmosphere at work with various initiatives and activities.


The friendly environment we create applies not only to our employees, but also to our customers. Our team is more than just customer support - we are always happy to assist whether you need help with your order or a styling advice. Real contact is very important to us, so when reaching out, our customers speak to a real living person, instead of a chat-bot and knowing every single piece in detail helps our team answer all the questions. We don’t work with templates and solve every request case-by-case. 

Another thing we are proud of  is our belief that no machine is better than the human touch. We don’t use an assembly line and our sewers are real artisans, making every piece of clothing  by hand on a personal sewing machine. After that every piece’s quality is checked and carefully ironed by hand so you can receive it in our signature high quality! 

Plastic free packaging

At Metamorphoza we believe that change comes from within. That's why we've been actively seeking sustainable solutions to eliminate plastic from our packaging process since the very beginning. Eventually, we achieved our goal, and now you will receive your order in a 100% plastic-free package. Furthermore, our labels and cards are made from recycled materials exclusively. Also we highly encourage our clients to give the package another life as they can use it for storage, art projects and everything they find suitable. We personally pack every order with attention and gratitude so we are happy seeing our customer appreciate the little details. 

We continuously embrace and implement best practices and global trends to develop and provide you with even better solutions.

Timeless design and capsule wardrobe 

One thing that is a priority for us is to create clothes that will last - literally and figuratively. Our designs are not led by temporary trends, but inspired by the individual’s need to express themselves through style. Another thing we guarantee is our garments' quality.  Investing in timeless designs, made from high quality fabrics and suitable for different seasons pays off to both the customer and the planet. Creating a good capsule wardrobe is a great solution for anyone who wants to build sustainable practices into their everyday life.




Design is the heart of our clothing, but fabrics are their soul. That's why we are always searching for the highest-quality and most comfortable materials, and we trust to use only fabrics that are OEKO-TEX® certified.

OEKO-TEX® is an international certificate, ensuring that fabrics have been tested for harmful substances, making them safe for human health. This certificate also helps fabric manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint and the use of chemicals, which is crucial for environmental protection efforts.

The testing is conducted by independent institutes and is based on a strict criteria catalog, which is updated at least once a year to maintain credibility.

As part of our sustainability policy, we also utilize deadstock fabric for our pieces. Responsible fashion is something we truly believe in, so we are delighted to give a new life to overstocked fabrics, which, of course, meet our high-quality requirements.

Also, to help our customers enjoy their Metamorphoza pieces for as long as possible, we give detailed information on the correct maintenance for each type of fabric we use. This will ensure the right care for long-lasting exceptional look and feel of the clothing. 


We operate on the MADE-TO-ORDER model, which means we carefully plan production and only manufacture the quantity of items we sell. Another factor helping our zero-waste efforts is our signature design. The asymmetric silhouettes, unconventional lengths, and combinations of different materials not only create our unique and extravagant look but also allow us to shape our cuts with little to no fabric waste. Any remaining fabric pieces are repurposed for other models or accessories, reducing excess and contributing to our zero-waste goals.

 We are also always keen to implement good sustainable practices in our office such as drinking water purifiers, sensor lighting and other small steps our team is committed to do at home as well as at work. 

We at Metamorphoza are certain that progress makes us better. We continually research global best practices and invest time and effort to enhance our knowledge in design, production, and packaging. Our small business strives to create a thriving environment for our employees and our planet. Thus, we will continue our sustainability journey while delivering the best-quality unique clothing and providing warm customer service to our customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is how it works:

1. Select the items that you want to order and add them in the cart.

2. Fill carefully your delivery information and be sure that there isn't missing or invalid information which will reflect on the delivery. 

3. On the next step select delivery option you want.

4. After you select the delivery option, choose the payment payment method.

5. Complete your order. 

We offer standard and express delivery.

We offer payment via PayPal, Credit Card, Cash-on-delivery and Splitit-pay on instalments.

Everything you see in our online store is entirely handmade which means that it requires a certain amount of time to get ready as we rarely have items in stock and available for immediate shipping. We need 1-2 weeks for production. You will be able to track the shipment with the tracking information we will provide once the package is shipped.

In case you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will gladly accept returns or exchanges for everything EXCEPT:

- custom made items due to their one of a kind character;

- face masks due to hygienic reasons;

You may return or exchange an order within 30 days of delivery. You also need to contact us within 30 days of delivery, after that period exchanges or returns will not be possible.

We offer two return options:

1) We offer an arranged return shipping for some destinations in Europe. We can send a courier who will pick up the package from your home or office and deliver it to us. We recommend this option because it is safe and fast. The price depends on how many items you need to return, their weight and the area from which you are sending the items back.

If you choose this option, please contact us at and we are going to do our best to help you arrange the return.

2) You can also manage the return yourself by choosing a courier and arranging everything alone. If you prefer this option, please read more at CLICK HERE.

We're very sorry if your item arrived damaged or defective. You can make a claim for the item by contacting us at

If you are requesting a refund, note that it will be done within 20 business days after the arrival of the package. The refund will be done based on the payment method, used for placing the original order. If you used PayPal, the amount will be received there; if you used a credit card, you will receive the funds on your bank account.

Please read the information in our SIZE GUIDE page.