People often think they are too old, too out of shape, too anything to look good in a certain piece and we just want to crush this understanding and to tell you that YOU are gorgeous the way you are and we would love to make a custom size that will fit your body and will serve your needs. Just contact us before ordering.


We offer customizations and there is no problem for us to make variety of customizations when possible. We will be happy to do it.

We would like to note a few important things first. There will be an additional charge of between $10 and $20 and we would like to kindly note that custom made items cannot be returned or exchanged.
That is why, if you decide to order the custom size we will need all of the following measurements. Please watch the videos, to make sure you are measuring correct:

Bust, Waist and Hips
Shoulder width VIDEO
Bicep circumference
Sleeve length
Desired length measured form shoulder to hem

If you think you need a custom size, please CONTACT US and we will help you go trough the process.