Sometimes the best, most unexpected results come from the power of two individuals brought together by the same idea! And here we are, Vesselina and Dinko, two friends who dared to step out of their comfort zone and poured their hearts into what they love most – to create! Two people making a dream come true everyday with the help of a trusted team!


We live and work in Bulgaria which is a small, wonderful country in Southeastern Europe, that gives us a lot of inspiration we put in our work. Together with a small team we love to call family, we stand behind Metamorphoza. A place for a change, a place for transformation, a place for new identity. We make all kinds of clothes: dresses, tops, tunics, kaftans, oversize pieces and more. Our work is seamlessly part of our own wardrobe and fashion feel. Every item in our shop is handmade with love and great attention to the detail as quality is always a top priority.

Our experience has shown us that when you put your heart into something, other people can always feel it and they will definitely appreciate it. Our work involves shaping, adapting, and paying attention to the individuality of every piece of our designs. The most important thing in our work is to understand the needs of each individual client so we can provide the best service for them. It is about style, not necessarily fashion. It is about looking good and contemporary. Every piece of our work has a reason to be created in terms of quality, metamorphosis and styling. 

Our secret is in finding a theme and offering something unique and different for our clients. We believe you do not have only one personality but dozens, hundreds of personalities and we are looking forward to creating unique pieces to each one of you!


Safe & fair labor standards

As a small brand, we consider our team as a family. We strive to make sure each individual from our team is working in a safe, friendly environment and that all of their needs are met during the working process. We care about the people who make clothes as much as we care about the people who wear clothes. We follow safe & fair labor standards.

Plastic free packaging

We eliminated all the plastic materials in our packaging process and now it is plastic free. For the labels and the cards we put in our packages, we use only recycled materials. 

OEKO-TEX certified fabrics

We use certified fabrics and we are constantly exploring and searching for best fabrics that can offer quality, comfort and but also have minimal impact on our planet. We are also using deadstock materials. 


Our models are MADE - TO - ORDER. We produce only the quantity we can sell and that leads to 0 waste when it comes to the final product. The asymmetric design and the mixture of two or more fabrics in one model helps us to have minimum waste on fabric by using left over pieces in our creative process.

In addition to that, we are constantly researching new ways which can help us reduce the waste in our production process. 

Wear the change you want to see! 


Vesselina and Dinko

Frequently Asked Questions

This is how it works:

1. Select the items that you want to order and add them in the cart.

2. Fill carefully your delivery information and be sure that there isn't missing or invalid information which will reflect on the delivery. 

3. On the next step select delivery option you want.

4. After you select the delivery option, choose the payment payment method.

5. Complete your order. 

We offer standard and express delivery.

We offer payment via PayPal, Credit Card, Cash-on-delivery and Splitit-pay on instalments.

Everything you see in our online store is entirely handmade which means that it requires a certain amount of time to get ready as we rarely have items in stock and available for immediate shipping. We need 1-2 weeks for production. You will be able to track the shipment with the tracking information we will provide once the package is shipped.

In case you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will gladly accept returns or exchanges for everything EXCEPT:

- custom made items due to their one of a kind character;

- face masks due to hygienic reasons;

You may return or exchange an order within 30 days of delivery. You also need to contact us within 30 days of delivery, after that period exchanges or returns will not be possible.

We offer two return options:

1) We offer an arranged return shipping for some destinations in Europe. We can send a courier who will pick up the package from your home or office and deliver it to us. We recommend this option because it is safe and fast. The price depends on how many items you need to return, their weight and the area from which you are sending the items back.

If you choose this option, please contact us at metamorphozaoffice@gmail.com and we are going to do our best to help you arrange the return.

2) You can also manage the return yourself by choosing a courier and arranging everything alone. If you prefer this option, please read more at CLICK HERE.

We're very sorry if your item arrived damaged or defective. You can make a claim for the item by contacting us at metamorphozaoffice@gmail.com.

If you are requesting a refund, note that it will be done within 20 business days after the arrival of the package. The refund will be done based on the payment method, used for placing the original order. If you used PayPal, the amount will be received there; if you used a credit card, you will receive the funds on your bank account.

Please read the information in our SIZE GUIDE page.